SEO is an abbreviated term for search engine optimisation and website analysis that basically encompasses various methodologies for helping web site page content achieve higher ranking positions within a search engine listing for certain key search phrases. Relative to 'pre-optimised' web page content, optimised web content by a good SEO specialist adding carefully crafted additions, should always gain an advantage over a period of time compared with the 'uneducated' competitor sites.


You need a search engine optimisation consultant specialist when ... In lay mans terms, if you want your web pages to be seen and accessed by millions of surfers (web hits) and you don't belong to 'Take That' or play football for Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC, or Inter Milan or maybe something similar, you need that little extra to get your web pages found by the searching masses. If your web site appears on page fifteen in the search listings you can forget about having millions of visitors unless you have recently made the news headlines for some famous or infamous reason.More information on heatmaps can be found at this website

Position placement

It would be lovely and very simple if good search engine position placement could be achieved by having lots of nice keywords in the metatag area of your pages and having great internal content in your web pages. Unfortunately a 'reality check' often proves this not to be the case. Many of the readers of this page will be aware of web site pages, maybe their own, that have great internal content, low cost goods at competitive prices and services with great benefits to the consumer. Unfortunately the resulting profitability of the site is so low, the cost of the hosting of the web site itself is barely covered. Maybe this is because the website logs show the page visits by possible consumers are far too low for the site to ever become a financial success. How can a great low cost bargain product retailer be found on the internet?

Page Rank

Realisticaly, to achieve a good Page Rank and top search engine ranking successes across the board for your pages, an ongoing effort is required. This is because the rules are frequently changed by holders of the search engine algorythms, the search engine owners themselves. A good title for one of your pages one month with ten words can be one word over the limit the very next month when the rules change for a particular search engine. When toting up the ranking points for those particular phrases you can then find you drop a dozen or so places in the rankings and you may find your page rank (PR) falling over time.

Analytical Analysis

Many profitable internet aware companies, those who make vast amounts of money via internet sales, actually employ people full time or retain an SEO consultant just to perform analysis and analytics on their website pages and constantly perform ranking comparisons with competitor sites. They constantly tweak their already optimised pages and maintain good linkages to maximise the profitability of their web site on an ongoing basis. While this of course helps, the reality today is that the other 99.9% of website owners, who are getting poor listing results for their unoptimised web site content, cannot immeadiately employ somebody full time to perform analytics and analyse their site on a day to day basis permanently. Although this would increase their success, due to lack of funding and the size of their business, this is an unrealistic proposition for most.